Services Provided

Health check

As part of the Basic Bath & Brush or Full Groom, a basic health check is completed. Checking the ears, eyes, sanitary areas, skin, movement and lumps and bumps.


Please can you ensure that your dog is vaccinated, wormed & flea treated on a regular basis to protect your dog and myself. 

Basic Bath & Brush

Spruce up with shampoo, dry and brush

Full Groom


The Full Works. Includes ear plucking and nail clipping if required 

(Please note if your dog is matted and requires more time, then an additional charge will be applicable. This will be discussed prior to being groomed)*

Face & Feet Tidy

Puppy Groom

(to 6 months old)

Nail Clipping


£30 - £45

£15 - £25



* The owner must be aware that if the dog is too badly matted, then the only option would be to clip the dog, freeing the dog of the matts. This will alleviate the stress and improve the welfare of the dog. Of course this is to be agreed  with the owner prior to clipping along with a signed document approving this action.