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Please note I have updated my declaration. 

Please be aware that whilst the dog(s) are in my care, they will be provided with all they need to be safe, comfortable and have all they need.

As a groomer I am only permitted to perform first aid, but in the event that any injury occurs or illness is detected that requires calling a Veterinary, unless it is confirmed that I am liable, all costs to do this will be at the owners expense. (photo’s will be taken as evidence)

Please be aware that if any excessive matting is detected, then the dog is the first priority to have this removed as carefully as possible. This may leave area’s shorter than others and may leave irritation. There will also be an extra charge applied.

With regards to cancellations, please notify me as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment. All no shows will be charged at full rate (exceptional circumstances will be assessed).

If you are unable to attend due to showing positive with Covid 19 and need to isolate, please let me know as soon as possible to organise a new appointment. If I am tested for Covid19 then I will contact each customer immediately and rearrange the appointment.

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