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Terms & Conditions

I have updated my declaration. I would be grateful if you could message me confirmation that the above has been read and agreed on for my records, before you come the first time. If you have any question’s please let me know.

Dog Care

Please be aware that whilst the dog(s) are in my care, they will be provided with all they need to be safe, comfortable and have all they need.

Meet & Greet 

I provide an initial meet and greet service. I find this benefits the dog, coming to my salon for the first time, and the owner can also get the feel and see the dog’s response to their environment. I would suggest that this be something that should be done for every dog on their first visit. If you feel that that the dog may not be ready for a salon visit, I can also organise to come and see you for the first visit, on the dog’s terms in their own environment. Then at least if the dog has met me before, there is one less thing they need to take in on their first visit with me. This would normally be for 30 minutes and I do not charge for this meeting at the outset. If there is an urgent need, say a face trim and the dog seems relaxed enough, then I would be happy to do so, but will charge accordingly.

As a consent groomer


I work with the dog and follow their limits as best I can. This can mean that this may take time to gain trust in different aspects of grooming. I may be unable to fully complete a groom because the dog has reached their threshold. This is something that can be worked on, but again may take several grooms. Their progress and their do’s and don’ts are logged, so that each time I can work the best way I can for both the dog and myself. In some case’s there may be an aspect that I will not be able to do in the salon. I am always honest about how your fur babies groom went and anything that needs working on.  

What to bring

Please make sure you bring your dog’s favourite treats or a licky mat if your dog is showing signs of anxiety, they have an issue with a certain area of the grooming process or if they are a puppy. Food is a great positive motivator and it’s important that the experience is the best it can be for them. (I do have a small selection in the salon if it is forgotten)

Important information

I must be notified of any of the following before the dog enters the salon.

  1. Change in circumstance (moving house for example)

  2. Injury

  3. Illness

  4. Fleas, worms, or ticks

  5. Dog being in heat.

  6. Any known issues with the dog’s behaviour i.e. doesn’t like feet being touched

  7. Change in the dog’s behaviour.

Any of these listed above could affect the way a dog is feeling or behaving. If I am aware of them I will be able to take that into account, work in a different way, so they are better supported and I can take extra measures to make the dog and myself safe.

In some cases, I may have to decline a groom due to the situation of the dog, i.e. the dog has an open wound.

First Aid

As a groomer I am only permitted to perform first aid, but in the event of any injury occurs or illness is detected that requires calling a Veterinary, unless it is confirmed that I am liable, all costs to do this will be at the owner’s expense. (photo’s will be taken as evidence)


Please be aware that if any excessive matting is detected, then my first priority is to have this removed as carefully as possible. This may leave area’s shorter than others and may leave irritation or leave grazing. There will also be an extra charge applied.

Fleas & other parasites

With regards to fleas and other parasites, I reserve the right to refuse the dog until it is treated. Not only can these be passed on to other dog’s, but can also affect me as well.

Dogs with fleas will be treated with a flea dog shampoo in the salon at an extra charge of £5. They will also need to be treated throughout their home and bed too. Your vet should be able to provide this to you along with other suggestions on flea prevention.

Photographs & videos

Please be aware that photos or videos may be taken for educational purposes, or to share with the owner. Photos and videos will not be used on social media or put on my website with prior consent.


With regards to cancellations, please notify me as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment. All no shows will be charged at full rate (exceptional circumstances will be assessed).

If you are unable to attend due to showing positive with Covid 19 and need to isolate, please let me know as soon as possible to organise a new appointment. If I am tested for Covid19 then I will contact each customer immediately and rearrange the appointment.


I will always discuss with the owner prior to grooming the dog, what type of look you would like. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the groom, please let me know as soon as possible so that it can be rectified.

Data Protection

As part of the Data Protection Act, I am required to let you know that your information provided is kept in a secure lock box. All telephone numbers, your name, dogs name, address and emails will all be secure with a pin on my mobile phone. I also keep information on what I do for the groom, their health, shampoo, tools I may use and also what the dog doesn’t like me using. All my bookings are kept on a booking system called Goldie which again is secure. The information I keep on a client is available to them on request. If a customer is sadly no longer with me, they information will be kept safe and secure until it is no longer required (any client cards with finances on it, will need to kept for 7 years, but contact information can be redacted if requested)

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